Our leader

The chairman’s philosophy:

Talented people are the foundation for the development of our career and the core resources of the enterprise. GPRO's leapfrog development in long term demands a lot of high skilled talents to realize it together with us. GPRO's leapfrog and sustainable development cannot be ensured without a talent team composed by talented people, who share the same value system with GPRO, dedicate to the duty, possess the ability demanded. It is the dialectics of human resource management that a company can retain talented people only by eliminating mediocrity. Our performance assessment should be matched with the talent evaluation mechanism, encouraging the excellent ones, urging on the underachiever, forming a dynamitic system with the core staff, elite staff, junior staff always in dynamic transformation, giving the staff the direction of the efforts and development opportunities, only in this way, we can continuously guarantee the vitality and dynamism of our staff, and promote the transformation of enterprise operation mechanism and improve our ability on operation and competitiveness. provide the opportunity to those who want to do contribution, provide the platform to those who can contribute, provide the position to those who has good performances, provide the rewards to those who achieve the targets.

Development history

We have the core technology

GPRO owns a number of modern production facilities with hundreds of products which are widely used,comparatively competitive,and well reputed in domestic and overseas markets. Some of the main products are at leading positions in the industry. Brand "Drum" is evaluated as a "Famous Trademark of China"; "Polyether polyol" products have been awarded the title of "Well-known Brand Products of Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Industry"; "Gasoline and diesel detergents" have been identified as national key new products; R&D work and technological breakthrough has been completed for relevant products listed in the National Eleventh Five-year Plan; A number of new & competitive products have been successfully developed and commercialized; Honours for the successful design,manufacture and installation of 80,000 chairs in the "Bird's Nest" main stadium for Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

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