GPRO Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

GPRO Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (“GPRO Titanium Industry”, stock code 000545) is one of the largest manufacturers of titanium dioxide in China adopting sulphate process and one of the four public companies in the domestic titanium dioxide industry. It owns six subsidiaries with almost 2000 employees, including Nanjing Titanium Chemical Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Titanium Chemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Titanium International Trading Co., Ltd., Nanjing GPRO Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Nanjing GPRO Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd., and GPRO (USA) Development Co., Ltd.

GPRO Titanium Industry is mainly involved in the production, R&D and sales of titanium dioxide. The annual capacity of titanium dioxide is 160kt/a, including three series of NA, NR and NC, totally eighteen grades. The company is one of the top manufacturers with the main specifications of the products at the leading position in the domestic industry. Our products are sold well in the domestic and foreign markets and are widely used in coatings, plastic pipe profiles, masterbatch, paper making, chemical fiber, ink, film, de-nox catalysts and lithium titanate batteries. The company has strong competitiveness and enjoys good reputation in the industry.

Advanced production equipment, complete environmental protection facilities

GPRO Titanium Industry adopts internationally advanced technologies and automatic equipment in key processes such as acid digestion, hydrolysis, calcination, wet grinding and surface treatment, and is equipped with various domestic advanced large-scale energy-saving equipment as well as imported advanced crashing and grinding equipment, sch as, Raymond mills, roller mills and sand mills. The DCS and PLC control systems are used in the whole process to ensure the consistence and stability of process parameters.




GPRO Titanium Industry is constructed with matched perfect environmental protection facilities. The wastewater and waste gases discharge outlets are equipped with 24-hour online monitoring devices. The real-time monitoring data is transmitted to the provincial and municipal environmental protection authorities to ensure the specifications of the wastewater and waste gases to be in compliance with the regulations after comprehensive treatments. At the same time, the company actively explores and promotes the comprehensive utilization of wastes and by-products to achieve clean production and recycling economy. 南京钛白获得“江苏省绿色环保节能型企业”,和“环境友好型企业”称号,2014年起连续四年获得中国石油与化学工业联合会颁发的行业“能效领跑者标杆企业”称号。


Strong scientific research team and abundant scientific research achievements

GPRO Titanium Industry actively expands the cooperation with universities and research institutes and international organizations. A R&D team with strong R&D capabilities, excellent technical expertise, and many R&D achievements has been set up. The company owns 23 patents and the independently developed titanium dioxide products has been certified as "High-tech Products." Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. has established Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Provincial Functional Titanium Dioxide Engineering Technology Research Center, Nanjing Functional Titanium Dioxide Engineering Laboratory, and six functional laboratories for coatings & inks, plastic profiles, color masterbatch, decorative paper, functional titanium dioxide and process technology research and development. The analytical and testing center is equipped with such advanced testing instruments as X-ray fluorescence, Spectroscope (XRF), X-ray diffractometer (XRD), laser particle size analyzer, zeta potential meter, BET specific surface area meter etc. . The comprehensive testing methods ensure the quality control for the products at each stage of the whole process from research & development, production, testing to sales and after sales.

Enterprise Honours:




2、2013-2016年度连续四年荣获 “行业能效领跑者标杆企业”荣誉称号



省工程中心1112221 省技术中心222211

4、高性能金红石型钛白粉、高性能锐钛型钛白粉、水性体系用金红石型钛白粉、色母体系用金红石型钛白粉被认      定为“高新技术产品”




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南京钛白化工有限责任公司于1966年开始生产钛白粉,是我国最早生产钛白粉的企业,也是国内第一家研制、生产高档金红石型钛白粉和化纤用钛白粉的企业,先后获得“江苏省高新技术企业”、“江苏省行业领先标兵单位”等各项荣誉,高性能金红石型钛白粉产品、高性能锐钛型钛白粉产品、水性体系用金红石型钛白粉以及色母体系用金红石型钛白粉产品均被认定为“高新技术产品”。公司通过了ISO9001、ISO14001以及OHSAS18001管理体系认证, 并完成了出口欧盟市场的REACH正式注册。