Nanjing INSA GPRO Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. (IGSR)    

Nanjing INSA GPRO Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. (IGSR) is an NBR manufacturer located at Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is a joint venture between GPRO Investment Holding Group (China Top 500 Enterprise) and Dynasol Group (one of the Top Ten manufacturers of synthetic rubber in the word, founded by Mexico KUO Group and REPSOL Group of Spain).


As a sino-foreign joint venture, Nanjing INSA GPRO Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. fully utilizes the rich experiences of the two parent companies in petrochemical industry and their strength in capital, technology, talents, and takes full advantages of surrounding raw materials and resources. IGSR adopts the licensed environmentally friendly advanced technology from INSA (Dynasol’s subsidiary) to produce a wide range of high quality NBR products to meet the special demands for different markets and applications.


The company adopts continuous process for the production of NBR, using DCS and testing instruments with high precision to ensure the high quality, safety and stability of the products.


The company adheres to the customer-oriented philosophy and is committed to the research & development and commercialization of new products. The products have been tested and approved by INSA's R&D center, and meantime have obtained a number of certificates on environmental protection. At present, the company is able to produce dozens of grades of NBR products with low, medium, medium to high and high ACN contents, which have been exported to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan and other markets, providing customers with comprehensive products tracking and recommending application formulas.


The company has the certificate of quality, occupational health and safety, environmental management system issued by China Classification Society Quality Certification Company, to ensure that customers can provide high quality and reliable products and services.


Nanjing INSA GPRO Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. (IGSR)

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